HLR Lookup

Verify the validity of each number in your database, eliminate invalid numbers, optimize segmentation, increase delivery rate, save money and comply with regulations. G729’s HLR Lookup system is your ally for successful SMS campaigns. Start optimizing your campaigns today.

Need to clean up your SMS database and make sure your messages reach the right recipients?
HLR (Local Location Registration) is the key to optimizing your SMS campaigns and maximizing their impact. With our HLR Lookup system, you can get accurate, real-time information on the status and operator of any cell phone number.

Eliminate invalid numbers
Identify and eliminate invalid, disconnected or restricted SMS numbers, avoiding failed deliveries and unnecessary costs.

Optimize databases
Keep your customer database updated and clean, improving the segmentation and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Improve delivery rate
Increase your SMS delivery rate by targeting only active and receptive numbers. Get information about undelivered SMS.

Reduce sending costs
Save money on unsent SMS and optimize the budget of your marketing campaigns.

Start enjoying the benefits of our HLR Lookup system today!
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