MNP Lookup

Optimize your SMS campaigns with G729’s MNP Lookup!
Avoid failed sends and unnecessary costs with our accurate MNP Lookup system.

In the dynamic world of mobile marketing, accuracy and efficiency are key to the success of your SMS campaigns. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) represents a crucial factor that can affect the effectiveness of your mass mailings, as it allows users to keep their phone number when switching carriers.

Why is it important to look for MNP in your SMS campaigns?
Imagine sending thousands of SMS to numbers that are no longer active or have been ported to another operator. Not only is this a waste of resources, but it can also negatively affect your delivery rate and brand reputation.

How does our MNP search system work?

It’s very simple: integrate our MNP Lookup API into your SMS platform and query the portability status of any cell phone number. In a matter of seconds, you will receive accurate information on whether the number has been ported and to which operator it belongs.

-Verify number portability before launching mass campaigns

-Segment your campaigns by carrier or porting status.

-Improve the delivery rate and ROI of your SMS campaigns.

-Identify and remove ported numbers from your database.

Benefits of using our MNP lookup service
With our advanced MNP lookup system, you can check in real time the portability status of any cell phone number. This way, you ensure that your messages reach the right recipients, optimizing the effectiveness of your campaigns and maximizing the return on your investment.

Save money
Avoid unsuccessful sendings to invalid or ported numbers, reducing unnecessary costs.

Improve delivery rate
Increase the probability that your messages reach active and receptive users.

Optimize databases
Keep your contact list updated and free of obsolete numbers.

Segment your campaigns
Target your messages more precisely by carrier or number portability status.

Comply with regulations
Meet regulations requiring MNP verification before sending SMS.